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Weight Loss Surgery Revision Procedures

For patients who have gained weight after weight loss surgery due to an increase in stomach size or the connection between the stomach pouch and small intestine, the Duke Center for Metabolic and Weight Loss Surgery offers two surgical options, StomaphyX and restorative obesity surgery endolumental (ROSE).

Neither procedure requires any incisions, making the risk for complications significantly less than open or laparoscopic surgery, along with the benefits of a shorter recovery time and no visible scars.


In this method, the surgeon enters the stomach pouch through the patient’s mouth and suctions sections of stomach tissue into a surgical tool making the tissue into folds. The folds are stapled and the opening between the pouch and the small intestine is sutured together to return the stomach pouch to the size it was after the first weight loss surgery procedure.

Restorative Obesity Surgery Endolumental (ROSE)

With ROSE the surgeon enters the stomach pouch through the mouth and uses a surgical tool to gather sections of stomach tissue and create a pleat. The pleat is sutured together reducing the size of the stomach and stoma.


Physicians offering this service include: