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Hernia Repair

Most commonly, hernias occur when a tear or weakness develops in the abdominal muscle wall or tissue, causing the intestines or body fat to protrude through the hole. From a slight tweak of pain to an abdominal bulge, a hernia can cause discomfort or may not be painful at all.

Types of hernias are defined by where they occur in the body.

• Hiatal—in or near the upper stomach

• Incisional— through any previous surgery incision or scar

• Inguinal—in the groin area

• Spigelian—in the side of the abdomen

• Umbilical—at the belly button

While some hernias develop suddenly, others can take more time, possibly as the result of weight gain, chronic constipation or pregnancy. Smoking and obesity are among the top risks for hernia formation and can cause complications following hernia surgery.

Hernia Repair

If you have a hernia in need of repair, Duke Regional Hospital has highly skilled surgeons who are leaders in minimally invasive surgery and are experts at treating all types of hernias, no matter how complex the repair.

For most hernias, a minimally invasive (Laparoscopic) surgery is performed through small incisions and offers patients a quicker recovery than the conventional approach. If this is not possible, our skilled surgeons also have extensive experience with traditional open surgical techniques for repair of all types of hernias.

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