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Innovative Technology in the Skilled Hands of Our Surgeons

Advances in robotic surgery technology can mean an easier, faster recovery. Less postoperative pain. A shorter hospital stay. Even smaller scars.

Traditional open surgery and conventional laparoscopy are effective treatment options for a range of conditions, but they may produce large incisions and often require a lengthy recovery time.

At Duke Regional Hospital, our state-of-the-art surgical robot provides patients and surgeons an alternative, and allows all the benefits of a minimally invasive procedure.

Called the da Vinci® SiTM Surgical System, this technology allows our experienced surgeons to perform complex procedures through small incisions. To perform these procedures, surgeons maneuver four robotic arms, which hold a camera and surgical instruments.

The da Vinci Si Surgical System in the Operating Room.

Robotic surgery is one of the most effective, least invasive surgical treatments available. Combining this advanced technology with the skill and experience of our surgeons provides patients with a minimally invasive treatment that enhances healing. With the assistance of the da Vinci® SiTM Surgical System, our surgeons can operate using only one or two centimeter incisions, while maintaining greater precision and control than ever before.

Hands on control with the da Vinci Surgical System.

Using a console and high-powered camera, a surgeon guides the four-armed robot and maneuvers surgical tools through small incisions. The console allows the surgeon to move his hands as he would during traditional surgery, but with greater control and range of motion. In addition, the da Vinci® Surgical System magnifies the operating field, allowing surgeons to see more clearly.

Surgery with this technology does not place a robot at the controls. On the contrary, your surgeon controls every aspect of surgery with the assistance of the robotic platform. The da Vinci® SiTM Surgical System enables surgeons to be more precise, advancing their technique and enhancing their capability in performing complex minimally invasive surgery. The robot replicates the surgeon's movements in real time. It cannot be programmed, and cannot make decisions on its own to move in any way or perform any kind of surgical maneuver without a surgeon's input.

If your physician recommends surgery as part of your treatment, ask if you are a candidate for a minimally invasive approach like robotic surgery.

Patient Benefits

Compared to traditional open surgery, robotic surgery with the da Vinci® SiTM Surgical System offers our patients a number of benefits, including

  • quicker return to normal daily activities
  • shorter hospital stay and recovery time
  • minimal scarring due to smaller incisions
  • less postoperative pain
  • reduced blood loss
  • lower risk of infection

In many cases, these advantages also result in better clinical outcomes for patients.


Surgeons at Duke Regional Hospital can perform gynecologic, urologic, weight loss and other procedures using robotic surgery.

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