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Bone Mineral Density Testing

Bone mineral density (BMD) testing determines the density of bones by measuring the amount of calcium in the tested portion. BMD testing uses small amounts of radiation to determine the bone density of the spine and hip.

The results are compared with the average BMD of healthy young adults of the same sex at their peak bone mass. This information can help physicians diagnose osteoporosis or determine whether there is a need to take certain steps to protect your health.

A physician may recommend a BMD test to help:

  • Confirm a diagnosis of osteoporosis
  • Predict future fracture risk
  • Monitor the changes in BMD due to medical problems or effects of treatment over time

BMD testing is safe and simple. There is no pain or special preparation associated with the BMD exam. Learn more about BMD testing.

Advanced Technology for Better Results

Our new advanced lunar bone densitometry unit is the device for BMD testing. In addition to measuring BMD, it can also be used for:

  • Total body scan: Measures bone status, the lean and total body fat percentages, and soft tissue composition
  • Low dose pediatric: Detects growth and metabolic disorders that affect bone development
  • Orthopaedic hip analysis: Examines bone around any type of metal prosthesis
  • Dual-energy vertebral assessment (DVA): Visualizes vertebral deformities and gives optimal front and lateral (side) views to better identify fractures
  • Forearm: Assists in the overall bone density measurement for those with severe back or hip problems

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