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Preoperative Clinic

Duke Regional Hospital's Preoperative Clinic fulfills patient needs effectively with improved accessibility.

Opening in October of 2012, the design of the facility helps make this new approach to surgical preparation possible.

The preoperative clinic is located within the Outpatient Services entrance. This entrance offers:

  • A parking lot designated specifically for patients coming to Duke Regional for outpatient procedures or preoperative appointments
  • A dedicated entrance just steps away from the parking area
  • One-stop registration right inside the entrance.

After checking in, patients will stay in one of six new exam rooms and preoperational diagnostic tests will be performed there. Lab work, anesthesia and X-rays are all conducted in one place. Even if a surgeon requests more advanced diagnostic testing—such as MRI or computed tomography (CT) scans—before the procedure, Radiology is located just down the hall from the clinic.

With easier access and a streamlined process, surgery at Duke Regional—from scheduling to lab tests to the procedure itself—is designed with the best patient care in mind. The Clinic brings together schedulers, anesthesiologists, hospitalists and everyone involved with the individual surgical procedure.