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Learn more about orthopaedic services available at Duke Regional Hospital in this selection of articles, videos, and care guides. For more, visit the Duke Orthopaedics Health Library.

Care Guides

Learn about orthopaedic conditions and what treatments are available at Duke Regional Hospital and Duke Medicine. See all orthopaedic care guides.

Patient Education Videos

Watch videos to learn about common orthopaedic conditions. See all orthopaedic patient education videos.

Health Articles

New Angles in Ankle Replacement
Duke orthopaedists have long been at the forefront of advancements in ankle replacement.

Finding Freedom from Back Pain
How Duke clinicians are helping patients cope with one of the most common--and debilitating--ailments in health care.

Hammer Toe: The Case for Sensible Shoes
Selene G. Parekh, MD, explains how a new treatment for hammer toe gets patients on their feet faster.

When to See a Specialist for Your Back Pain
Most cases of back pain can be managed by a primary care provider and will probably resolve in about six weeks, according to Duke back pain experts. Here's when to call in the specialist.