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Preparing for the Big Day

It's almost here ... the day you've been waiting for. Whether this is your first child or your fifth, you're probably filled with emotion -- nervous anticipation, excitement, joy, even a little bit of apprehension.

At Duke Regional Hospital, we are committed to providing a memorable experience for you and your family as you welcome your little one into the world.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If you suspect labor has started or if you have any questions or problems, call your physician.
  • When you arrive at the hospital, enter through the emergency room. Please bring photo ID and your insurance card with you. One of our staff members will take you upstairs to labor and delivery, where we will complete the registration process.
  • For your comfort and safety, no more than three visitors are allowed in the labor and delivery room at one time. Other family members and friends are welcome to relax in our comfortable waiting area located near the elevators. An adult must always accompany children.
  • Cameras and video cameras are welcome in the room. However, we ask that you not take pictures or videos of the actual birth. For security reasons, no pictures of any type are allowed at the nursery windows.
  • Patient safety is our top priority, and Duke Regional Hospital has a strict infant security system. Your nurse will explain the security system to you.

What to Bring to the Hospital

We recommend comfortable walking shoes, a robe and gown, three or four receiving blankets, an outfit for baby to wear home (something with legs as gowns don't work well with car seats), two or three diapers, and a nursing/support bra.

Also bring comfortable clothes for yourself to wear home -- remember, it takes time for your body to recover; loose fitting clothes like those you wore in early pregnancy are probably the most comfortable.

You may choose to bring snacks to have during your stay. The hospital will provide snacks for patients and a limited selection for the labor support person. Duke Regional Hospital also has a full-service cafeteria and 24-hour vending machines.

Your baby cannot leave the hospital without an appropriate rear-facing car seat. Please make sure your car seat is properly installed and that you know how to fasten your infant in it safely.

The Durham County EMS and several fire stations offer to help install car seats. Many locations operate by appointment only. See locations for car seat installation.

Prior to discharge from the hospital our staff will answer any questions you may have related to car seat installation for a safe travel from hospital to home.

We look forward to welcoming you and your little one into the world!