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Patient Story: Vanessa Woodward

One September day, Vanessa began feeling chest pains and a tingling sensation on her right side. “I began to feel weak and I was afraid I was having either a heart attack or stroke,” said Vanessa. “I decided to go to the nearest hospital which was Durham Regional.”

The nurses on Unit 5-2, Telemetry, took care of Vanessa for 13 days. They also helped her begin to take care of herself again and assisted her with walking. “I feel the nurses went above and beyond to ensure I was well taken care of and happy. I was extremely impressed. The fact that they would stop by just to say hello and check on me made a world of difference. The support I had from a remarkable team meant the world to me.”

Now, thanks to Durham Regional staff, Vanessa is playing with her grandchildren and getting back to her old self again. “It isn’t often you run across such kind and caring people.”