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Patient Story: Jerry Rimmer

DRH patient, Jerry RimmerJerry Rimmer thought the last place he would be celebrating his forty third wedding anniversary was at Durham Regional Hospital. Three days earlier he was evaluated at another health care facility and was told the chest pain and “spells” he was experiencing were nothing more than indigestion. After a few more days and a few more “spells,” Rimmer visited an urgent care facility that discovered he was having a heart attack. They immediately called Person County Emergency Medical Services and Rimmer was quickly transferred to Durham Regional Hospital.

Rimmer was in the Durham Regional Emergency Department less than 30 minutes, then on to the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory where his coronary artery was opened a few minutes later. “Everyone was ready for me when I arrived,” said Rimmer. It was discovered there were two blockages in Jerry’s heart and Stewart Jones, DO, placed a stent to open both.

He was impressed with the care he received in all areas of the hospital he encountered. “My care was fast and the staff was very nice and took great care of me.”

Within three weeks, he was back at work and doing his regular activities, including tending to his garden and boating at Hyco Lake. At Jerry’s check-ups following the procedure, he has been told both he and his heart are healthy. “It wasn’t how my wife wanted to celebrate our anniversary,” said Rimmer “but my health was the best present I could give her after all these years.”