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Patient Story: Ann Ehringhaus

Ann EhringhausAnn Ehringhaus was experiencing issues with her vision. “I was finishing up editing my book, Ten Thousand Breakfasts, based on my 30 years in the bed and breakfast industry, and noticed I had to get closer and closer to the computer screen. I also had to concentrate harder to read the screen,” said Ann.

Ann had cataracts. Her ophthalmologist, James Bryan, MD, of Carolina Ophthalmology Associates, described her sight as looking through wax paper. “My only options were to have the cataracts removed or for my sight to continue to diminish.”

Through femtosecond laser cataract surgery at Davis Ambulatory Surgical Center, Ann’s cataracts were removed and replaced with monofocal lenses. “I discussed my lens options with Dr. Bryan and we agreed that with my work—I’m also a professional photographer—I needed to have one point of focus.”  The femtosecond laser provides an advanced bladeless technique that removes cataracts and corrects vision with significantly improved speed and accuracy.

Ann had surgery on her right eye, which was her worst eye, January 9 and her left eye January 30, 2014. “Everything went smoothly with my surgery. The hardest part was the time between getting both eyes done. I never knew how bad my eyes were until the first one was done. The difference between the two was incredible.”

Ann’s vision is now greatly improved. “I’m amazed at how bright and clear everything is. My vision has been corrected to what it was before my cataracts, but without the fuzzy edges.”

This is Ann’s 31st season as the operator of Oscar’s House bed and breakfast on Ocracoke Island, NC, and her surgery is helping in a number of ways. “I can definitely see my guests more clearly now. I also recently photographed my first wedding since the surgery and it went great.”


Davis Ambulatory Surgical Center offers cataract surgery with a number of lens options. For more information about cataract surgery with the femtosecond laser at DASC, visit