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Patient Stories

Hear from patients about their experiences at Duke Regional, formerly Durham Regional Hospital.

Patient Story: Mike Kennedy
Years of pain and difficulty doing simple things caused Mike to see a surgeon about his hip pain.

Patient Story: Ann Ehringhaus
After years of fuzzy vision, Ann decided to have femtosecond laser cataract surgery at Davis Ambulatory Surgical Center.

Patient Story: Mila Holy
Years of active living and sports injuries took a toll on Mila Holy’s joints, but a joint replacement procedure at Duke Regional Hospital gave her a fresh start.

Patient Story: Vanessa Woodward
Vanessa Woodward began feeling chest pains and a tingling sensation on her right side. She sought treatment at Durham Regional and is now back to herself again.

Patient Story: Lisa Keith
Lisa Keith was suffering with high blood pressure, sleep apnea and hypertension until robotic assisted duodenal switch with the Duke Center for Metabolic and Weight Loss Surgery changed her life.

Patient Story: Robert Baynard
Robert Baynard is steadily getting back to himself again after his recent stroke.

Patient Story: Carolyn Blake
After evaluating her options, Carolyn Blake chose to have her tumor removed robotically at Durham Regional Hospital.

Patient Story: Caroline Long
Caroline Long compliments the mammography staff at Durham Regional.

Patient Story: Jessica Passion
After success with weight loss surgery, Jessica Passion returned to Durham Regional to have her gallbladder removed.

Patient Story: Jerry Rimmer
Jerry Rimmer recounts the fast and expert care he received after suffering a heart attack.

Patient Story: Shawn Rayburn
Shawn Rayburn talks about how hip replacement surgery got him back into Forward Motion.

Patient Story: Vivian Hobgood
Vivian Hobgood, who has had multiple sclerosis since 1990, talks about how the Durham Rehabilitation Institute helped improve her life.

Patient Story: Al Carson
Al Carson talks about how the Durham Rehabilitation Institute at Durham Regional Hospital helped him after suffering a stroke.