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Classes and Events for the week of Nov. 4, 2012

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Sunday, Nov. 4, 2012

Breastfeeding Class
Registration closed
Information on advantages and barriers to breasfeeding; how to establish effective breastfeeding routines; how to recognize and avoid potential challenges. ...

Monday, Nov. 5, 2012

Motherhood: The New Reality Show
Registration closed
Bring baby, pack a lunch and join other new moms as we brainstorm tips on infant care and surviving motherhood. We will discuss developmental milestones of...

Adult Diabetes Support Group: Planning for the Holidays
Registration closed
Discover recipes and strategies for enjoying the holidays. (Class is for people with diabetes and their guest.)

Speech And Communication Group For Parkinson's Disease
Registration closed
In this monthly support group, learn effective speech strategies and practice communication skills. Caregivers encouraged to attend.

Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012

Tour The Birth Place At Durham Regional Hospital
Registration closed
Due to flooding at DRH from an early morning fire , the tour for tonight has been cancelled.

Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012

Baby Care Class
Registration closed
A class touching on general information for expectant parents regarding the basics of baby care (feeding, bathing, diapering, etc.). A practical demonstration...

Understanding and Managing Medications with Congestive Heart Failure
Registration closed
Understand important medication regimens that decrease CHF symptoms and set-backs.