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Classes and Events for Monday, June 25, 2012

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Baby Care Class
Registration closed
A class touching on general information for expectant parents regarding the basics of baby care (feeding, bathing, diapering, etc.). A practical demonstration...

Urinary Incontinence: Non-Surgical Approaches
Registration closed
Learn exercise and behavioral management approaches to decreasing urinary incontinence

Motherhood: The New Reality Show
Registration closed
Bring baby, pack a lunch and join other new moms as we brainstorm tips on infant care and surviving motherhood. We will discuss developmental milestones of...

Improved Therapies for Parkinson's Patients
Registration closed
Explore deep brain stimulation, gene therapy, and surgical treatments that help manage motion and tremors related to Parkinson's disease.

Forward Motion Program For Hip / Knee Replacement
Registration closed
This class is intended for patients who are scheduled for knee or hip replacement at Durham Regional Hospital. Each patient is strongly encouraged to bring...
Tour The Birth Place At Durham Regional Hospital
Registration closed
To help prepare for the delivery of your baby, Durham Regional Hospital provides tours of The Birth Place. Remember to bring your photo id if you wish to tour...