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Classes and Events for Monday, Jan. 14, 2013

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Clotting, Collards and Coumadin - What Do They Have in Common?
Registration closed
Discuss coumadin therapy including indications, duration, and interactions with diet, medication, and other disease states.

Stroke Support Group
Registration closed
The Stroke Survivor Support Group offers education, support and resources for individuals who have been affected by stroke. Survivors, family members, caregivers...

Speech And Communication Group For Parkinson's Disease
Registration closed
In this monthly support group, learn effective speech strategies and practice communication skills. Caregivers encouraged to attend.

Motherhood: The New Reality Show
Registration closed
Class cancelled.
Baby Care Class
Registration closed
A class touching on general information for expectant parents regarding the basics of baby care (feeding, bathing, diapering, etc.). A practical demonstration...

Tour The Birth Place At Durham Regional Hospital
Registration closed
To help prepare for the delivery of your baby, Durham Regional Hospital provides tours of The Birth Place. Remember to bring your photo id if you wish to tour...

Adult Diabetes Support Group: Practical Tips for Healthy Eating with Diabetes
Registration closed
Get tips on creating shopping lists, supermarket hints, mindful vs mindless eating, portion control, recipe resources for regular portions, quantity/batch...