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Charity Care

Supporting our community is important to us.

Duke Regional Hospital continuously offers support to a number of community organizations through fundraising and sponsorships. Additionally, Duke Regional offered the following financial support to improve the health of the communities we serve in fiscal year 2014.

Charity care $24,544,982
No-cost or discounted urgent or emergent health care services provided to patients who are unable to pay 

Medicaid program losses $5,655,951
Costs absorbed by the hospital when government reimbursements don’t fully meet the cost of treatment

Health professions education $3,138,949
Money spent on the training and teaching of tomorrow’s health care professionals

Lincoln Community Health Center $7,309,829
Monetary and in-kind services provided to Lincoln Community Health Center (LCHC). Duke Regional also provides pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, environmental, and engineering services for LCHC.

Durham County Emergency Medical Services $2,345,072
Duke Regional paid the county over $2.2 million to support Durham County Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

Durham Center Access (Oakleigh) $100,000
Duke Regional provided $100,000 to support Durham Center Access, an inpatient treatment facility for mental health, developmental disability, and substance abuse services.