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Our Culture of Customer Service Excellence

At Duke Regional Hospital, we’re on our way to creating a culture of customer service excellence and realizing our vision of being recognized as the best community hospital in North Carolina.

In 2004, employees defined seven customer service “behavioral” categories for the hospital -- what we see as key service behaviors at every encounter.

These standards are broken into categories with specific behaviors to illustrate the category. The standards serve as the foundation for all customer service strategies.

Customer service training and skills development is based on these standards.

Each and every Duke Regional Hospital employee has read and signed these standards, signifying their commitment to the highest level of customer service.

Duke Regional Hospital Behavioral Standards for Customer Service

We define customers as every patient, family member, physician, visitor, corporate representative, and co-worker.

Greeting, welcome, and appreciation

  • I will greet customers by making eye contact, smiling, addressing them by their last name (unless directed otherwise), and introducing myself by name and department or title.
  • I will provide our customers with directions or assistance when necessary.
  • I will wear my identification badge at shoulder level, facing forward, and free of stickers and pins.
  • I will acknowledge the contributions of staff and others by saying “please” and “thank you”.

Professional telephone behavior

  • I will use my individual and/or departmental voice mail at a minimum and answer the phone within three rings. I will introduce my department and name, conveying, “may I help you” through my tone of voice.
  • I will ask for approval before placing the caller on hold.
  • I will transfer calls by researching the correct number and providing the number before transferring.
  • I will demonstrate appreciation when ending a call by thanking them for calling or offering future assistance.

Confidentiality and privacy

  • I will knock on patients’ doors, pause appropriately before entering, and indicate who I am.
  • I will emphasize to patients that privacy is important to us and will demonstrate this commitment by asking preferences regarding curtains and doors.
  • I will protect privacy and health care information according to HIPAA regulations; I will be sensitive to my co-workers’ privacy and avoid disclosing personal information.


  • I will actively listen, focusing on the person and checking for understanding by repeating and asking questions.
  • I will provide positive, professional, and prompt responses and ensure my facial expressions and tone of voice are consistent with my words.
  • I will be attentive to customers’ thoughts and feelings and adapt my response to make them feel comfortable and understood.
  • I will project a positive presence and ensure that my work-related or personal frustrations are kept separate from my patient care and professional activities.


  • I will recognize, respect, and respond to the diversity of our customers.
  • I will take action to protect the dignity of our patients/customers.


  • I will be attentive to customers’ comments, body language, and voice tone and offer my assistance; I will be considerate of their feelings by acknowledging any inconvenience.
  • I will convey to customers that I am genuinely interested in assisting them by using “yes” words and phrases such as, “I’m happy to help you” or, “It’s my pleasure.”
  • I will take action to resolve matters brought to my attention. If I am unable to resolve, I will involve the appropriate person or department.
  • I will follow up with customers by providing status updates. I will assess customers’ level of satisfaction by asking, “have your needs been met?” or, “are you satisfied?”


  • I will take ownership for the appearance of Duke Regional Hospital’s campus by picking up and disposing of trash inside or outside of the facility. I will ensure my workplace is neat, organized, and free of clutter.
  • I will take responsibility for reducing noise levels in patient care, work, and public areas.
  • I will report any patient safety or environment of care issues or concerns following DRH’s reporting structure.