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Administration and Leadership

At Duke Regional Hospital, we’ve been serving the health care needs of Durham, Orange, and surrounding communities for 35 years. We take pride in being part of Duke Medicine and in carrying on the tradition of caring of our predecessor hospitals -- Lincoln and Watts.

Our exceptional team of health care professionals is committed to providing the highest level of service to our patients, our visitors, and our community. If you or someone you love needs hospital care, we hope you will choose Duke Regional Hospital.

If there’s anything we can do to enhance the service we provide, we hope you will let us know. Please visit the contact us page to share your suggestions, compliments, or concerns. Your comments will help us as we strive to be the best community hospital in North Carolina.

Learn more about our executive leadership team:


Katie Galbraith

Vice President

Scott McCarver

Chief Financial Officer

Jonathan Hoy

Chief Nursing and Patient Care Services Officer

Vicky Orto

Chief Medical Officer

Barbara Griffith, MD

Chief Human Resources Officer

Dexter Nolley

Durham County Hospital Corporation Board of Trustees

The Durham County Hospital Corporation Board of Trustees is a non-profit corporation that is responsible for Duke Regional Hospital, which is operated through a lease agreement with Duke University Health System. The board is progressively responsible for planning a comprehensive and coordinated hospital and health care system.

2014-2015 Board of Trustees:

Farad Ali

Katrina H. Avery, MD

Gail Belvett, DDS

Charles I. Cooperberg, MD

Linda Fetko, MD

Fred Foster Jr.

William J. Fulkerson Jr., MD

Stephen E. Hancock

Philip Harewood

Carolyn E. Henderson

Barbara Knopp

Robert C. Newman

Theodore N. Pappas, MD

Alan L. Portnoy, PhD

Craig M. Savage

James P. Weaver, MD